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Updating for my favorite and one- and only yoyo buddy. haha :P
                          Well i'lljust start with my party. ommmmgg it was SOOO amazing. the people who actually came because they weren't sick, or thinking it was this weekend, or just never had a ride, were :Casie,Alex,Jenny,Chelsie,Katie,Melissa,Paty,Sam,Chelsea,Greg,Greg,Molly,Kristen,Tom,Ant,Brian,Mike,uhmmm there might have been more people but im just stupid and cant remeber.   
                            okay well it was soooooo amazing haha. slip n' sliding with bruises to proove it :P thanks for chucking me down it numerous times alex ;-),twister,karaoke :P
                         haha and JACC!<3 <3 <3Casie We'll missss you!!! :(  Most of the girls stayed the night, and we were up till 4 am :P hehe it was fun tho :P
                         Chilled with Katie and Melissa Monday! :D, and most of Tuesday haha. those are fun girls, I love them. Tennis starts monday yay! :D
                         Wednesday I went to the mall with Jenny and Chelsie and oh my. haha Scott Mason. haha :P :P :P I love those girls SO MUCH! haha
                        Thursday around 8 o'clok I went to Chelsies and we had fun being superheros with our harry potter stickers on our faces :P and the hottub. haha I HAVE SOME AMAZING PICTURES FROM THAT NIGHT. I'll upload them to my myspace www.myspace.com/alicatten as soon as i get them. I might upload some to here too. who knows. :P
                        Friday, Chelsie and I woke up and got ready, and went over to Jenny's around 1 :D Then we got the bikes down, and the Scooters. I rode a bike, in my skirt. haha good times :P We went down to Alex's house to give he and Casie their going away cards. awww I'll miss them :( :(   I got some gooood pictures of alex, casie, chelsie, and I. heehee. Then around 3:30 we had to say goodbye :(  Then Chelsie, Jenny and I went back to Jenny's and we went to Dance World to get Jeny's clothes to find out they were closed ;-). Then we came home, ate, fed the cats, watched jenny scoop poop! haha and check on the doggies :D. Then we played volleyball and took amazing pictures :D :D :D. hehe
                     Friday night I went to the Drive-ins With Taylor :D :D We saw Talledega Nights, and John Tucker Must Die. pretty good movies. i had fun :D :D.
                    Saturday I woke up, and pakced, and wdrove 3 hours to get to my Nana's house for their 50th wedding anniversary party. I was in the choir, and I did pretty good for not looking at the music at all :D haha met a lot of family. Didn't feel too well towards the end, so my dad and I left early. and I talked to Taylor until I about fell asleep :P .
                  Sunday, I went to breakfast..at 9:30..am...not nice...haha waayyy too early for me :P but then we left around 1. and i got home around 4. Then I watched Footloose, and it was good. haha Dave bova anyone? :P haha

hahahah I commend you if you actually read this ;-)
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