*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~* (alicatten) wrote,
*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~*

I'm posting because oh mighty Skizzler asked me why I didn't use lj anymore. So I am. Hehehe.
Okay, Welllll.. This week was good, yep. Global is always fun with Erin. and our MASH games. haha and our interdepence poster. ERIN WHO PICKS THAT TOPIC COME ON! hehe. I love her :P. yeah. Schools fun, surprisingly. I'm keeping busy , which is always good. Hmm. Stayed after for prom commitee then ended up staying till 4:30 with Ash n some other people.
On another note, hmm Molly and Erin's birthday party on Friday. I got sooo many great pictures of everyone; can't wait until they are developed so I can scrapbook! Erin,Jen,Molly,Meagan,Meghan,her brother, KATIE BRIGGS!!!!!and I went to see X-Men 3. Pretty goo movie considering the fact I haven't seen the other two. haha. These girls are CAHRAYZEEE!!...(crazy) and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN!! OH MY GOODNESS! haha I lovedd it. had to wake up early, and went to auditons for SSRT!! Yay! :D still sad I could only audition for the gala, but I did, and I got in. And I have kick buttt songs :D :D :D :D

K the end.

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