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So..this week has been long...haha as opposed to Cassie thinking it has been short ;-) The first two days went by...pretty slowly...

Prom committe after school Monday was a blast though...Tiffany's never called me back though. JERKS!! haha

Tuesday I came home..and fell asleep at 8:30..cuz I can :D

The next days were okay not too exciting.

Thursday however was great, for the most part. I feel much more confident on my jazz solo that I'm doing tomorrow. AHHH!!
My improv might just end up killing me haha. Afterschol before I went to do my solo at 7, Meghan came over. and we got two pledges for next year's prom raffel. It will be a great way to bring money back in to us. Or at least give us a bigger prom budget. Prom's at the DSOB geez. haha oh well it will be pretty either way! wootwoot!!

Today I had school...went by actually fairly fast...haha, and then I had dance company. Lats week is the last week!!!! :( :( :( so sad. I'm going to miss it. and get fat...haha just kidding...kind of :P

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