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Hmm, so Wednesday, I went out with my bofriend :) 1 month!! :P we went and saw take the lead, then we went to Applebees. it was fun :D :D :D

Then blah blah blah i didnt go to school, stayed and talked to ashley, and texted taylor :P heehee don't tell ;-)
And now my botyfriends in Spain. till Late next sunday :( :( :( :( :( I miss him :(

Yesterday I went to Church with Mo and Ashley, and it was fun, then we went to the mall and saw Scary Movie 4, hahahaha stupidest of the Scay movies yet :P still pretty funny though, I'm not going to lie. haha. Then we played pool, and Ashley and io sang songs to mo, haha it was fun. Theeeeeeeennn,....Ash mo and I went to mos and went for a walk in the rain, and played and sang on the playground, hehe it was fun. I miss those girlies soooo much.

and the end. and I am a model...for Suzy. haha even though technically its not a model. it's idk haha suzy what am i ? ;-)
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