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I fell into your arms [entries|friends|calendar]
*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~*

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[05 Feb 2007|02:29pm]

yeah the song i posted i wrote. hahaha yea i know it sucks shut up ;-)

The Sweetness of Summer

[04 Feb 2007|12:09am]
t's run away now
and spend the night together
on top of the world
where no hard can touch us
where no pain can hurt us.
the only emotion we need now
is love
as the world spins beneath our feet
the only thing that matters now is you and me
let us stay in this moment forever
lets run away now
and spend the night together
on top of the world
where the only thing that matters now
is you and me
you lift me up
beyond the skies
as we stand in this moment
you rais me up
way about all other life
never knew i could feel this way
never knew i could fly so high
so lets run away now
and spend the night together
on top of the world
on top of the world
where nothing matters
nothing matter..
but you and i.
1 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[12 Jan 2007|06:03pm]
well i'mupdating..because somebody nmotcied i dont post anymore

yeah so.
musical cast list
lady mable oh right. hahah

well hannah and i were chosen out of molly,erin,katie, and katie to go be in the jazz bi county thing after auditioning so thats excitied. ima soprano and shes an alto.

mmm 2/24 wooo. 

but anyway.

im not much exciting. 

i wrote a song the other day. yep...

k bye :)
3 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[14 Aug 2006|11:27am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Updating for my favorite and one- and only yoyo buddy. haha :P
                          Well i'lljust start with my party. ommmmgg it was SOOO amazing. the people who actually came because they weren't sick, or thinking it was this weekend, or just never had a ride, were :Casie,Alex,Jenny,Chelsie,Katie,Melissa,Paty,Sam,Chelsea,Greg,Greg,Molly,Kristen,Tom,Ant,Brian,Mike,uhmmm there might have been more people but im just stupid and cant remeber.   
                            okay well it was soooooo amazing haha. slip n' sliding with bruises to proove it :P thanks for chucking me down it numerous times alex ;-),twister,karaoke :P
                         haha and JACC!<3 <3 <3Casie We'll missss you!!! :(  Most of the girls stayed the night, and we were up till 4 am :P hehe it was fun tho :P
                         Chilled with Katie and Melissa Monday! :D, and most of Tuesday haha. those are fun girls, I love them. Tennis starts monday yay! :D
                         Wednesday I went to the mall with Jenny and Chelsie and oh my. haha Scott Mason. haha :P :P :P I love those girls SO MUCH! haha
                        Thursday around 8 o'clok I went to Chelsies and we had fun being superheros with our harry potter stickers on our faces :P and the hottub. haha I HAVE SOME AMAZING PICTURES FROM THAT NIGHT. I'll upload them to my myspace www.myspace.com/alicatten as soon as i get them. I might upload some to here too. who knows. :P
                        Friday, Chelsie and I woke up and got ready, and went over to Jenny's around 1 :D Then we got the bikes down, and the Scooters. I rode a bike, in my skirt. haha good times :P We went down to Alex's house to give he and Casie their going away cards. awww I'll miss them :( :(   I got some gooood pictures of alex, casie, chelsie, and I. heehee. Then around 3:30 we had to say goodbye :(  Then Chelsie, Jenny and I went back to Jenny's and we went to Dance World to get Jeny's clothes to find out they were closed ;-). Then we came home, ate, fed the cats, watched jenny scoop poop! haha and check on the doggies :D. Then we played volleyball and took amazing pictures :D :D :D. hehe
                     Friday night I went to the Drive-ins With Taylor :D :D We saw Talledega Nights, and John Tucker Must Die. pretty good movies. i had fun :D :D.
                    Saturday I woke up, and pakced, and wdrove 3 hours to get to my Nana's house for their 50th wedding anniversary party. I was in the choir, and I did pretty good for not looking at the music at all :D haha met a lot of family. Didn't feel too well towards the end, so my dad and I left early. and I talked to Taylor until I about fell asleep :P .
                  Sunday, I went to breakfast..at 9:30..am...not nice...haha waayyy too early for me :P but then we left around 1. and i got home around 4. Then I watched Footloose, and it was good. haha Dave bova anyone? :P haha

hahahah I commend you if you actually read this ;-)

20 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[07 Jul 2006|10:06pm]
Hello livejournal, how are yoouu.? i haven't updated in a while..but ive been busy as a uhm...as a... aas myself! right, and i have had reheasals like every day for the last 2 weeks. which doesnt't bother me one bit! :D and aftr these 2 shows are over, i have another one to do, and possibly a workshop to help out with. fun fun fun :D and i have been hanging with friends and such, and haning with taylor :) :) :) :) yay hes amazing..haha and yep ...theres my update stephen ;-)
8 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[15 Jun 2006|09:43am]
update update update..

Last day of school was great..had 1 finak and a regents yeseterday..wiicckkedd easy. now i jus have my bio regents. yay!!
Yesterday was fun inbewteen tests. :)
Then after i rode my bike down to stephanie around 4:30 and i chilled with corey and justin cuz stephanie was studying haha
Now im here. yay. i might play tennis later..hmm who knows
4 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[11 Jun 2006|08:34pm]
 alright guys go check out my icon community, pronto. I've had it for a while, Matt and I created it, but it died, and now I want to revive it. Will take requests and what not..but jus go check it out!!! 

and join!!

The Sweetness of Summer

[07 Jun 2006|03:40pm]
okay well..random post here...so mmy sweet 16...will be somewhere around jul 26th..im not sure if i want to do the whole beach thing, or the beach and then my house...or like go carts or something comppletely random...let me know if you have any suggesstions!

and if you want to go.
11 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[06 Jun 2006|09:04pm]
when are every1s birthday?
9 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[05 Jun 2006|05:59pm]
oooh...adding to my last post...saturday night..i made dinner for my lovely boyfriend..chicken parm..with saghetti and hmm cheesecake and salad. it was good. and i love him :)

p.s i love my mom
The Sweetness of Summer

[04 Jun 2006|06:09pm]
I'm posting because oh mighty Skizzler asked me why I didn't use lj anymore. So I am. Hehehe.
Okay, Welllll.. This week was good, yep. Global is always fun with Erin. and our MASH games. haha and our interdepence poster. ERIN WHO PICKS THAT TOPIC COME ON! hehe. I love her :P. yeah. Schools fun, surprisingly. I'm keeping busy , which is always good. Hmm. Stayed after for prom commitee then ended up staying till 4:30 with Ash n some other people.
On another note, hmm Molly and Erin's birthday party on Friday. I got sooo many great pictures of everyone; can't wait until they are developed so I can scrapbook! Erin,Jen,Molly,Meagan,Meghan,her brother, KATIE BRIGGS!!!!!and I went to see X-Men 3. Pretty goo movie considering the fact I haven't seen the other two. haha. These girls are CAHRAYZEEE!!...(crazy) and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN!! OH MY GOODNESS! haha I lovedd it. had to wake up early, and went to auditons for SSRT!! Yay! :D still sad I could only audition for the gala, but I did, and I got in. And I have kick buttt songs :D :D :D :D

K the end.

4 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[31 May 2006|08:39pm]
so i decided i woul write a summer post :P just because i am that cool!
Okay well, i'm in school is in session, right before school is out mode... aka i have a crap load of homework and studying i need to do before the end of the year. 9 days left!!! wow where does time go??
I don't really want to make this long but oh well...

I can't wait til summer
But on another note I can...maybe for a couple more months if it meant keeping in touch with all of my friends. I'm not good at calling people, I don't like phones. haha.

okay so summer, when its hot. i think we should be aloud to wear sphaghetti strap tanktops...honestly what girl is going to show her boobs with a spaghetti strap? WE AREN'T THAT STUPID! god haha okay im done

leave comments
8 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[29 May 2006|01:54pm]
oh prom!!! haha right, how could i ever forget?? it was amazing. every1 looked gorgeous, (except me ;-)) an taylor was gorgeous hahaha. yeah i said it :P the night was fun, prom was good, and the afterparty was great...i met some pretty great people hha k bye
8 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[28 May 2006|11:52am]
So...I Know I Haven't posted in a while, but oh well. I have no idea when the last time I posted was because I'm too lazy to check. haha So, I am going to update you on this weekend. Darien Lake...SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! I was glad I was with friends and that I could still text Taylor O:) hehehe. Uhm yes, el let me start, we left at 5 am on Friday and got there around 10, and vocal jazz performed. After that, the girlies went to watch Swing Choir perform and they did okay, the accoustics were awfffffuuuull. the end. haha no jk, after tghat soem people had to leave due to sports or something, but the other 22 of us statyed and went to our hotel. extremly nice!!! it's wiiicckkedd homey feeling, like I didn't even mind sleeping in it haha. The beds were GINORMOUS!!! haha, so I roomed with Erin and Jessica, goooood girls haha. We walked around alll day in the rasin the first day, we were the only group that actually stayed outside alll day and got soaked. It was wicked fun though :D The rain wasn't even bothersome. Well...Joe, and Logan. haha all im going to say. Yeah Erin Jessica and I played the guess you....game like 1000 times, and we kept walking in circles around this one guy Joe, and then hed be like oh ladies!!!! back to play agaiaannn? and so we woul have too...an i always won! wooot hahah. But yeah, then the next day we walked around some more. I had no sunscreen on and I didn't get burnut like at allll...its sort of depressing hahah. But anyway, I won this obnoxious HUUUUGE pink tiger ...from this stupid game I didn't think I was going to win ;-) hahah okay and then the bus ride home...AMAMAZING......one word..MASH hahaha
The Sweetness of Summer

[12 May 2006|06:26pm]
So..this week has been long...haha as opposed to Cassie thinking it has been short ;-) The first two days went by...pretty slowly...

Prom committe after school Monday was a blast though...Tiffany's never called me back though. JERKS!! haha

Tuesday I came home..and fell asleep at 8:30..cuz I can :D

The next days were okay not too exciting.

Thursday however was great, for the most part. I feel much more confident on my jazz solo that I'm doing tomorrow. AHHH!!
My improv might just end up killing me haha. Afterschol before I went to do my solo at 7, Meghan came over. and we got two pledges for next year's prom raffel. It will be a great way to bring money back in to us. Or at least give us a bigger prom budget. Prom's at the DSOB geez. haha oh well it will be pretty either way! wootwoot!!

Today I had school...went by actually fairly fast...haha, and then I had dance company. Lats week is the last week!!!! :( :( :( so sad. I'm going to miss it. and get fat...haha just kidding...kind of :P

4 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[07 May 2006|04:09pm]
So First exciting news...I got a sticker today in gym...because Kenzie and I are drop dead amazing at Tennis and hit the ball 24 times in a row in a minute and a half. we had like 11 but i dropped it cuz my shoes suck and i fell :P haha... good job kenzie!!! :P
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[23 Apr 2006|08:42am]
                                Well, vacation has once again gone by too quickly.It probalby would have been even more short-lived if Taylor was home, because then I probably never would have been bored. I miss Taylor soooooo mucch. Hes is soo amazing, he sent me flowers from Spain, they are gorgeouuss. Here look!
I wiI wish I could get to see him, if only for a minute when he gets home, but I doubt it will happen.

On a lighter note. I went prom dress shoping with cassie,mall twice with molly,kties and tennis with katie, mall with ashley an mo,an for a bikeride with stephanie. Not too baad considering most of my friends are out of town :P

I also caught up with a bunch of other friends and such this vacation. I loved it.
10 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[15 Apr 2006|12:35pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hmm, so Wednesday, I went out with my bofriend :) 1 month!! :P we went and saw take the lead, then we went to Applebees. it was fun :D :D :D

Then blah blah blah i didnt go to school, stayed and talked to ashley, and texted taylor :P heehee don't tell ;-)
And now my botyfriends in Spain. till Late next sunday :( :( :( :( :( I miss him :(

Yesterday I went to Church with Mo and Ashley, and it was fun, then we went to the mall and saw Scary Movie 4, hahahaha stupidest of the Scay movies yet :P still pretty funny though, I'm not going to lie. haha. Then we played pool, and Ashley and io sang songs to mo, haha it was fun. Theeeeeeeennn,....Ash mo and I went to mos and went for a walk in the rain, and played and sang on the playground, hehe it was fun. I miss those girlies soooo much.

and the end. and I am a model...for Suzy. haha even though technically its not a model. it's idk haha suzy what am i ? ;-)

9 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[08 Apr 2006|05:07pm]
1. List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2. Don't say who they are.

I LOVE YOU! hehe, you are so cute and sweet and I'm soo incredibly happy I have you, and you're amazing.

I wish that you would just take a minute to realize what is good in your life, that isn't worth waiting for, you deserve to be happy, but with someone you can scream about this is the guy i love.

You deserve sooo much better then what she can actually give you.

you have amazing outfits, they're soo cute. haha you are an amaazing friend, and i miss hanging out with you, we need to sometime because you're a kool kid.

you are just sooo incredibly what I need most days, even tho I know some days you are kind of depressed, but I know that you always make me smile, and you always brighten my days, and you just make me giggle, and I love you for that.

I miss you, I can't believe you actually moved, I miss sitting next to you and passing you notes in global, now who can make me fun stories about why I have bruises? ha.I miss you

You deserve an amazing guy, and there's soo many right in front of you, and I think you may actually already have one, but just follow your heart, don't let other people get to you. p.s good lukc on your solo ;-)

You are drop dead amazing, you make me smile 24/7 and i love how open you are about everything haha. I love how honest i can be with you, about anything. haha we are twins, wisdom teeth at the same time baby ;-)

so you can be a little meanish at times, but i still love you, and you are one of my good friends, n im glad that we've stayed friends all these years :)

You are amazing, way icked hyper and usually very happy, but dont take what u have for granted
4 DiscoverThe Sweetness of Summer

[04 Apr 2006|07:07am]
I'm wearing my byebye birdie socks...so today must be a good day, heehee

I Love Taylor ;-)..

I love lamp. haha
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