*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~* (alicatten) wrote,
*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~*

so i decided i woul write a summer post :P just because i am that cool!
Okay well, i'm in school is in session, right before school is out mode... aka i have a crap load of homework and studying i need to do before the end of the year. 9 days left!!! wow where does time go??
I don't really want to make this long but oh well...

I can't wait til summer
But on another note I can...maybe for a couple more months if it meant keeping in touch with all of my friends. I'm not good at calling people, I don't like phones. haha.

okay so summer, when its hot. i think we should be aloud to wear sphaghetti strap tanktops...honestly what girl is going to show her boobs with a spaghetti strap? WE AREN'T THAT STUPID! god haha okay im done

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