*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~* (alicatten) wrote,
*~♥Kiss The Stars♥~*

1. List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2. Don't say who they are.

I LOVE YOU! hehe, you are so cute and sweet and I'm soo incredibly happy I have you, and you're amazing.

I wish that you would just take a minute to realize what is good in your life, that isn't worth waiting for, you deserve to be happy, but with someone you can scream about this is the guy i love.

You deserve sooo much better then what she can actually give you.

you have amazing outfits, they're soo cute. haha you are an amaazing friend, and i miss hanging out with you, we need to sometime because you're a kool kid.

you are just sooo incredibly what I need most days, even tho I know some days you are kind of depressed, but I know that you always make me smile, and you always brighten my days, and you just make me giggle, and I love you for that.

I miss you, I can't believe you actually moved, I miss sitting next to you and passing you notes in global, now who can make me fun stories about why I have bruises? ha.I miss you

You deserve an amazing guy, and there's soo many right in front of you, and I think you may actually already have one, but just follow your heart, don't let other people get to you. p.s good lukc on your solo ;-)

You are drop dead amazing, you make me smile 24/7 and i love how open you are about everything haha. I love how honest i can be with you, about anything. haha we are twins, wisdom teeth at the same time baby ;-)

so you can be a little meanish at times, but i still love you, and you are one of my good friends, n im glad that we've stayed friends all these years :)

You are amazing, way icked hyper and usually very happy, but dont take what u have for granted
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